So vague yet so vivid

Currently blogging by using cousin sister's lappy, all of us are staying at one of the hotels in Penang right now. My cousins n I woke up at 730 for breakfast, although we had our supper like... 3 in the morning. We're freaks! Indeed, they're just sleeping beside of me now, of cos I'm sleepy too lol. The power cable caught fire on the Penang Bridge, so we decided to come here by ferry to avoid the massive traffic jam but to no avail. We still get stucked for hours and I was like uber hungry. I miss the hotel that we stayed previously! At night all of us - including my daddy mummy aunties uncles, took a walk nearby Gurney Plaza n the beach, kinda enjoy seeing people walking here n there lol. Then, cousins n I went back to the room n talked about all the crazy things that we had done, love them ttm! Oh I mean, family love. Took some photos in the room too, will upload it whenever I get the chance :) Will be making sushi n visiting Chew Jetty ltr yay! hehe :D

I need to survive my lappy before I get a new ones, otherwise all the files in the lappy will gone omg, my photos n songs! :( Helppp :(


A sad day

My life's a bitch n then I die.


Happy birthday to Malaysia

Hi. I've decided to update this rotten space of mine since today's the last day of August n hence, this will be my third post within this month. I actually had the thoughts to delete this blog... obviously, I didn't.

I'm still having runny nose n sore throat n now my voice turns a lil manly, uber sexy hehe. Mom forced me to take the medicine, but I hesitated. I looked at the medicine, the next moment I looked at the rubbish dump, then I looked back at the medicine again. At last, my mom came over n dumped the medicine into my mouth :( Well, my lappy's sick too. Oh dad says he'll get me a new lappy yay :D

Happy to you, M'sia.